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You Can Buy Siding From Any Contractor But You RISK Having It Incorrectly Installed

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Unfortunately for you, siding contractors come and go in this business just like roofing contractors or any other business these days. That means you risk having a rookie siding contractor performing siding repairs or installing new siding that’s not up to code, or poorly installed or incorrectly fixed. You home or business is a huge investment, so you don’t want to turn that over to just any siding contractor in town.

Our expertise in siding comes from proper education and licensing plus over 26 years in the siding business as a trusted siding contractor and siding installer in Michigan. Don’t leave the door wide open for variety of siding problems down the road or during your initial siding installation. Some of the most common siding installation problems I’ve seen in Southeast Michigan include:

Some of the most common siding installation problems I’ve seen in this area lately include:

  • Finished Siding That’s Aesthetically Unattractive Or Un-evenly installed
  • Wavy Siding After Installation (Oil Canning) Or Siding That’s Nailed On Too Tight And Causes Problems Later On
  • Improper Insulation Board And House Wrap Or None At All
  • Siding That Falls Off After Installation Or Easily Blows Off During A Storm
  • Siding Contractors That Leave Your Unfinished Siding Installation Idle For Weeks Before Coming Out To Finish What They Started
  • Siding Contractors That Start Your Job And Leave For Another, Putting Your Home At Risk To The Elements
  • Poorly Trained Siding Installers, Reckless, Careless And Uninsured
  • Poor Or Improper Siding Repairs That Don’s Last

Very Experienced And Certified Siding Contractor In Michigan (VSI)

Now plain and simple I stand behind my company’s work and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. That’s why we’ve lasted the ‘Test Of Time’ when so many other siding contractors have gone belly-up because of low standards, low quality materials, irresponsible supervision and poor quality siding installation and siding repairs. Our proven and tested siding installation methods, like correctly bending your trim and using three durable layers of protection guarantee you the highest quality vinyl siding installation at the lowest possible price.

And you will take advantage of our “Complete Siding System”, which includes quality House Wrap and insulation, plus we work hard to custom-detail hard to reach areas. Your siding installation or siding repair isn’t complete until YOU give the final approval. Our team is never in a hurry to get finished; just eager to make you happy so you can enjoy your beautiful new siding for years to come!

It’s NOT Just The Brand Of Siding You Choose It’s Having It Correctly Installed By An Experienced Contractor

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